Walk through the gastronomy of the network: light recipes to recover the line

Therefore, our walk through the gastronomy of today’s network is focused on light recipes to recover the line, which helps us to reduce the accumulated kilos with the summer excesses.

Beer, fried foods, tapas, and barbecues have left their mark on us and that is why we are already thinking about satiating and healthy recipes, both to eat at home and to take to work if we eat taper every day. These are our proposals.

For the starters, and also for a single dish dinner, we have seen an original recipe for meatloaf with tuna mayonnaise, a salty cake to take cold that they teach us in Ses colors D’Ague, very easy that is perfect for Share cutting some slices.

If you prefer a salad, in Carmen Rezetas we have seen a very appetizing made with violet potatoes and carrots perfect for an entree or for garnish. You will also like the grated zucchini fritters that we have seen in the blog of A butterfly in my kitchen.

As for the recipes of main dishes with meat, these skewers of pork and mango are going to come in handy, since they are also a complete and light dish that you can accompany with a little green salad. The recipe is taught to us by Begoña in Marichu’s recipes and mine.

If you opt for chicken, we have two recipes that you will like very much. On the one hand, the chicken with broccoli in soy sauce and honey of You do not eat me anything, with whose photo we have started the Paseo, and on the other, a delicious chicken with garlic, which Isabel de La Cocina de Morenisa has prepared with a garnish of zucchini grilled.

As for fish recipes, mackerel is healthy and rich in Omega3 fish, so this recipe to the Sicilian mackerels of Panepanna comes to hair. If you prefer canned mackerel, these eggs stuffed with mackerel and pepper that they have published in Shoot the cook will like you a lot.

Susana de Webos Fritos offers us a wonderful monkfish Parmentier, a simple recipe that serves as a single dish, and Ana de Cocinando Olivos has prepared some squid with tomato that looks fabulous, and that we can take if we do not abuse the bread to dip in the sauce

We finish the trip with three sweet proposals, which you will surely like the sweet tooth and sweet tooth. If you are in the process of recovering the line, we recommend moderate and occasional rations, at most once or twice, opting for fresh fruit the rest of the week.

María José de Dit I fet offers us a chocolate cake for chocolate lovers, including me. A small portion has to serve us to be happy all week. Sofía, from a thousand ideas, a thousand projects have chosen a Vanilla Parfait with honey and peach, great to combine ice cream with fruit and not to pass and, finally, a lime cake that presents Cinnamon and ginger, which we can take in some Special breakfast, always in moderation.

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