Types of cutting vegetables

When cooking, after rinsing and cleaning, vegetables are sliced. Looking for commercial citrus juicer reviews?

The vegetables are uniform, equally sliced in shape and size, during the heat treatment simultaneously achieve readiness, thus giving the dish a beautiful appearance when served.

There are different types of cutting vegetables shaped and simple, it is also possible to plan and chop vegetables, in addition, vegetables can be cut by notching, edged with a knife.

How you can cut vegetables

Simple Cutting
Machine or hand cut vegetables with small and medium knives (if you take a set of chef’s trio). The most common forms of such cutting are: slices, straws, circles. cubes, slices, squares, slices, rings, and half rings.

Root vegetables and potatoes are cut into thin slices and then into strips (straws). The straw can be very thin (e.g., for potatoes to be deep-fried) and medium (e.g., for passaging root vegetables), depending on the purpose. Cabbage and onions are sliced crosswise with a knife by hand, thus giving them the shape of straws.

Root vegetables and potatoes are cut into slices, which are then cut into slices, and then the slices are cut into cubes. Root vegetables can be cut into larger cubes (e.g. potatoes), medium cubes (e.g. root vegetables and potatoes) and small cubes (onions and root vegetables) depending on their purpose.

Cut potatoes and root vegetables into thick slices, then cut them into slices. For a clear vegetable broth, the root vegetables are cut into thin slices.

Thin Slices
Cut off a thin layer of potatoes and root vegetables, thus giving them the shape of a cylinder, which is then cut into circles. In this slicing, it is better to take root vegetables of equal diameter.

Depending on the size of the potatoes and root vegetables are cut into 4 or 2 parts lengthwise, then cut each part into slices.

Squares (checkers)
Cut white cabbage into 4 or 2 pieces. Then, from each part slices are cut into square shapes.

Slices pieces
Root vegetables are cut crosswise into slices, which are then cut into several pieces. Onions and potatoes are cut into 4, 6 or more pieces, depending on the size and their future use in cooking.

Half rings and rings
Leeks and onions are cut across their axis into circles, then divided into rings. To get half rings, the rings are cut in half.

Carving (shape cutting)
Vegetables, such as carrots, quite often cut in the form of stars, or scallops and gears. They are sliced with a regular or crimped (carving) knife. Carving is an element of carving.

Roots of radishes, horseradish are planed with a sharp knife to obtain particles in the form of shavings.

Slicing with a notch
Cut potatoes and root crops with special metal spoons (notches) of different sizes in the form of nuts or balls. The cutting spoon (special spoon) is attached to the vegetable with its sharp edge and gradually, by rotating movements, it goes deeper into the potatoes or roots.

Shredding and chopping
Chop finely sliced sauerkraut or sour cabbage, onion, garlic, carrots are chopped with a sieve or knife into small pieces, while using a wooden board. It is better to shred (chop) herbs with a knife, as during the chopping a large amount of moisture is lost, which makes herbs taste worse, in addition, it is inconvenient to sprinkle the already cooked dishes with wet herbs.

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