The Moley Robotic Kitchen you will hallucinate in colors!

There are currently many models of kitchen robots. Who does not have any in your home? They chop, crush, knead or even cook, but I assure you that none is like The Moley Robotic Kitchen you will hallucinate in colors! Because this android is a chef who will prepare any recipe with the skills of the best chef.

Moley Robotic, based in the United Kingdom, is the company that has created this prototype that includes an oven, a stove, a touch screen unit and two robotic arms equipped with hands equipped with touch sensors and that can chop, mix, pour, knead, use food utensils and use the fire for cooking. Even clean everything you have used! If you want to see it in action do not miss the following video.

The details have been taken care of to the maximum detail so that the cooking robot does not produce rejection in people, in this way the hands have fingers and not tweezers, it works at the same speed as a human being, it is not fast as an industrial machine, and He doesn’t use knives to cut but a food processor. In addition, it has a safety screen that prevents children or pets from accessing it while cooking.

Can you imagine coming home and choosing any recipe for this chef to prepare? I knew that you hallucinate with The Moley Robotic Kitchen, although you will do it even more when you know what it costs, no less than about 15,000 euros, so we will be many who can not install this chef in the kitchen, although now that I think about it, in the Mine does not fit.

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