Magic? no, foodini and ABC offers

Magic? no, Foodini, the machine that combines technology, food, art and design, created by Natural Machines, a Spanish startup based in Barcelona. Almost nothing.

It is not magic but it seems because Foodini can be programmed and create, at the time we decide, a layered   From now on, we will change the concept of freshly made food to freshly printed food. Want to see how it works? watch the video that I leave below.

With Foodini you can prepare both sweet and savory recipes. It has a series of cartridges that are recharged with the different foods, which will then be the ones that will be printed to form the chosen dish. It is expected to be released in 2014 and its price will be around one thousand euros.

I think this machine is not within reach of all pockets or of all kitchens, but I would like to see in person how it works. I can imagine spending a lot of time watching how you create, with total precision, new dishes Magic? No, Foodini.

You the SuperChef kitchen robot at half price

The kitchen robot is an appliance widely used by great chefs and is increasingly in more homes, it is practical, comfortable and offers surprising results. Perhaps the downside that consumers find is its price, as it is usually quite high. This week they are announcing on television the possibility of obtaining a SuperChef robot for a price that is very attractive.

Buying the ABC newspaper of tomorrow, they provide you with a booklet in which you must place the coupon that the newspaper incorporates in each edition, they will be a total of 14 editions that will go on sale from June 4 and you will only have to fill in the booklet with 5 coupons That are, for 5 newspapers and a supplement of 249 euros you will get the SuperChef . The economic saving is quite interesting, more than 50%, the price of this appliance amounts to 520 euros and thus are 249 euros, plus 10 euros of shipping costs and the corresponding newspapers. If you are interested in benefiting from the offer, remember to reserve your appliance by calling the phone number that appears on the card.

Through the ABC link, you can know in detail all the technical characteristics and possibilities offered by this great ally in the kitchen. A curiosity, on eBay they offer SuperChef at the same price, 249 euros, will ABC have acquired robots on eBay?

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