How to effortlessly clean your blender or your robot. Cooking trick

Lately, I am publishing many cooking tricks, but it seems to me that in addition to the recipes that we are putting into practice every day, the tricks and tips to save time and advance household tasks can be very useful. 

The trick may seem very silly or very simple but I assure you it works great and in addition to the time it saves, it is also good to avoid the dangers of cleaning an appliance that has such a sharp blade. In fact, I have ever cut myself with the blender blade and I assure you that it is not pleasant at all.

How to effortlessly clean your blender

When you finish using the blender, after mashing a mash or a cream or making a corporeal salmorejo, it is normal to have a lot of sticks of the cream on the walls of the glass and of course also on the blades. The cleaning work is urgent because if it dries then it will cost a lot to take it out and leave it as new.

The traditional way to clean it is to rinse it a little with water, and then add some dishwashing soap and put the sponge in and rub it carefully. The usual drawback is that the sponge or scourer is going to deteriorate when cutting with the friction of the blades.

The thing can be worse if we cut ourselves. But there is a very simple way to avoid all this and take advantage of the device itself to clean it effortlessly. And it is also valid for cleaning the kitchen robot, and other similar devices.

Simply add a glass of hot water in the container to be cleaned, a jet of dishwashing detergent and cover. Then we put it back in its base and spin the engine as if we were going to puree, cream or gazpacho again. Turning quickly, hot water and detergent take away all dirt.

Finally, it will be enough to rinse under the tap as if we had scrubbed it by hand and our glass cup or the kitchen robot’s cube will be like new again. After a few minutes upside down, we can dry and store the container and leave it ready for its next use.

Now I always clean my blender like this, and in addition to the time I save, I have avoided cutting myself again with this simple and infallible trick that will be useful if you often use these devices. If you know any kitchen trick that can serve us, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments and we can all learn with your contribution.

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