13 very simple kitchen utensils that will change your life (especially if you are a beginner)

To help you with that noble intention, these 13 very simple kitchen utensils that will change your life will come in handy (especially if you are a beginner)

Among these utensils, we have included basic and essential equipment for your kitchen, especially if you are going to start on these tasks, as well as some very useful gadgets for the most common tasks and recipes that will undoubtedly be practical for you.

13 very simple and practical kitchen utensils

We start with the most basic. To cook most recipes of stews, pots or broths, you will need good kitchenware. This 4-piece BRA is suitable for induction, gas or hob and can be very practical. The price of the four elements is less than 90 euros. If you want to start with professional quality, the same brand has another set of 5 pieces since it also includes a saucepan, at a discounted price of 129 euros.

Your chicken stews, your rice dishes, your soups, and basic broths will be great with any of these batteries. To avoid splashing or to drain food after cooking, it is very practical to have a stainless steel lid like this one that costs less than seven euros and that you will also use with the pans.

Once the issue of casseroles is resolved, another essential need is to have good frying pans for your frying recipes. This set of three non-stick pans, which brings a gift placemat, is now 50% and costs 39.99 euros.

If you already have some or purchased them following our recommendations, it will be good for you to expand your kitchenware with cast iron skillets or skillets, with which you can make great recipes such as gardener eggs, use them for baking and many other preparations.

This set of three iron pans of different sizes of the Victor brand is perfect to start and also is very economical since it costs 34 euros. Remember to follow the tips for cooking with this type of pans.

One of the recipes you will make the most when you start cooking will probably be any of our pizza recipes. To get good results in your oven, it will be very good for you to have these 2 pizza baking trays, which you can have at home for less than 9 euros.

Another dish that you will prepare for sure is the potato omelet   Do it with onion or without onion, what is unquestionable is that it is a simple recipe that only has the difficulty of turning it to curdle both sides. If this task resists you, the Dupla pan will come to your hair. We have found it on Amazon for 46 euros. You can also use it to open mollusks in its steam or to fry tomatoes, peppers and other ingredients that sprinkle.

To make more use of the microwave, – remember our 29 recipes for when you do not have time -, we have also selected some practical accessories that will allow you to use this appliance more frequently.

To steam in a comfortable Lekué silicone case, you don’t have to invest even 20 euros. If you want to do several dishes at once, you can get the two-story green microwave steamer that costs only € 13.50. And to prepare rice dishes, or cook quinoa in the microwave, this special cereal casserole will be great for you.

So that all the recipes fit you well, it is important to respect the ingredients and their quantities, especially in pastry recipes. To make no mistake, you can use an accurate digital kitchen scale like this one that will cost you less than 10 euros. In the beginning it is possible that you do not calculate the quantities well and since we love to take advantage of and reduce waste, we have looked for comfortable containers to store your leftovers, – or use them to take food to work or university. The set of 5 containers of different sizes with their tight lidscomes out for 13.59 euros.

The legumes are perfect for making dishes one day and to eat during the week. Your Asturian fabada, your Madrid stew or any other similar recipe, will be in place with a pressure cooker like this one from Monix that comes out for about € 65. You will use it very often in many recipes.

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