101 super easy recipes for those who don’t know how to fry an egg

Student apartments, residences, and others do not have a very good reputation in terms of culinary and nutritional levels. Are newbies in the kitchen doomed to survive on tomato and pre-cooked pasta? If you think this is your case, don’t be overwhelmed: anybody is born taught and we have all been beginners. Cooking is learned by cooking, and these easy and simple recipes will help you lose your fear of the stove.

Basic tips for newbies before starting

The recipes we have selected are all very simple and relatively quick, but that does not mean that they are cooked alone. With a little practice, you will soon acquire skill and more security in the kitchen even if your basic experience is zero, so it is best to launch without fear, starting with affordable challenges that encourage you to continue.

You don’t have to like cooking, but we all deserve to eat well at home

Some time ago we compiled some tips that will come in handy to all who take their first steps in the culinary world. We understand that not everyone enjoys cooking; For many people cooking is a mere necessary procedure, such as cleaning or putting on a washing machine. It does not need to be your passion, but it is more than advisable to learn to handle with some ease mastering basic recipes to eat well without suffering too much.

Keep these recommendations in mind :

  • Try to plan your meals or menus well in advance, or at least have in mind a general idea of ​​how you are going to manage your time each week so as not to depend on improvisations at the last moment.
  • Make sure your menus are balanced ; always have fresh seasonal fruit in the pantry and a reasonable variety of vegetables, the ones you like best. Use, if necessary, canned vegetables or frozen foods.
  • Do not always turn to meat as a source of protein : eat fish regularly, eat several eggs a week without fear and recover the good habit of taking legumes frequently.
  • The vegetables canned are the best partner for beginners in the kitchen. Fill the pantry of boats or jars of chickpeas, lentils and beans, cooked naturally, watching the salt content.
  • Read each recipe well before launching yourself to cook, several times and making sure you have everything you need and enough time to prepare it.
  • Do not improvise insane by replacing ingredients if you are not sure of the results. Innovation is a good way to develop creativity in the kitchen and create your own dishes, but if you don’t have much experience it can give daunting results.
  • Practice mise en place from day one. Take out all the necessary ingredients, washing and slicing the vegetables, chopping whatever it takes, letting the products temper a little if you take them out of the fridge, preparing the kitchen utensils, etc.
  • Try, try and try again . Make sure the ingredients are tasty and in good condition, go tasting the preparation on the fly and check the point of everything before serving. Correct the flavors on the fly by adjusting the salt or spice point.

Vegetable Recipes

Don’t get too complicated. The easiest recipes to enjoy vegetables are the simplest, from raw – well washed and, if necessary, peeled – to sauteed, grilled or roasted. Creams are another great, even simpler resource that always come in handy, and remember that the oven works wonders, squeezing its flavor to the fullest.

Most of these recipes can be adapted to different vegetables, and many will help you complete the menus as you need. For example, the ratatouille of peppers and tomatoes can be served as a first course, garnish the only dish at dinner, adding some eggs, tuna or leftovers of roasted chicken. You could also use it as pasta sauce or snack and toast base.

  • Delicious Green Beans
  • Zucchini and almond carpaccio
  • Spinach with pine nuts
  • Sweet potato toast
  • Zucchini with cheese and ham
  • Fat-free stewed vegetables
  • Broccoli with yogurt and mustard
  • Asparagus au gratin with mozzarella
  • Cream of pumpkin with dill
  • Cream of zucchini
  • Basic Carrot Cream

Easy and fast legumes

It is time to dismiss the idea that legumes are only eaten at the home of parents and grandparents, no matter how much your mother borders them. We continue to consume very few and are nutritional and gastronomic jewels, as well as tremendously economical. If you do not dare to cook them from scratch, invest in good canned vegetables and enjoy them in soups, stews, stews or salads.

  • Stewed lentils
  • Lentils with pickled chicken breasts
  • Splash of legumes with crab sticks
  • Crispy chickpeas with fresh herbs
  • Chickpeas with squid in 20 minutes
  • Greek-style baked chickpeas
  • White beans with prawns
  • Baked beans with tomato sauce, couscous, and feta cheese

Rice and pasta

White rice and pasta are two cheap foods, relatively easy to prepare and very useful in student apartments or newly independent. But there is life beyond boat sauces or fried tomatoes; In reality, with very few ingredients you can prepare delicious pasta dishes as they would in Italy.

Remember also that in our country we have our own pasta, such as noodles, great for soups, and that there is no need to complicate with paellas to enjoy very tasty and nutritious rice dishes.

  • Basic White Rice
  • Rice With Chicken And Vegetables
  • Curried fish and rice
  • Rice with vegetables
  • Saffron pasta in a single pot
  • Spaghetti with creamy mushroom and garlic sauce
  • Lemon Spaghetti
  • Garlic Spaghetti
  • Pasta in creamy tomato sauce
  • Noodles with mussels

Tortillas and eggs

As much as we have picked it up in the headline, we know that making a perfect fried egg is not as easy as they paint it. At least, if you want a work of art to the frame; What is said to be fried is not that complicated. But much more nutritious and versatile are other dishes based on this very complete ingredient that will save you many fast foods or improvised dinner at heart.

Eggs are a great resource for adding protein to vegetables and legumes

Learn to poach an egg easily in the microwave to enrich vegetables or complete vegetable dishes, or cheer up with your first potato omelet; No need to be perfect. The frittatas are an alternative accessible to novices, and we always have the option of scrambled eggs, cloaking plus the lack of skill.

  • Basic Potato Omelette (with or without onion)
  • Mediterranean Frittata
  • Clafoutis with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese
  • Cod omelet with peppers
  • Quail and quail egg casseroles
  • Easy scrambled egg and tomato
  • Microwave poached egg
  • Vegetable and egg pan
  • Potato, feta and pesto frittata

Original salads (not everything is tomato and lettuce)

It is necessary to recognize that the bags of fourth range, the typical salads, and green leaves already cut and washed ready to consume, solve us a lot of inconveniences, but they are not a resource to always resort to. Making a salad seems easy but many fall into the mistake of combining the ingredients poorly or getting carried away by the excess.

If you have trouble seeing beyond the mezclum-tomato-tuna combination, go ahead and try some of these salads for all tastes. There are lighter ones, to serve as a first course, and also more complete ones that you can take in a pan or serve for dinner, for example with rice, potatoes, pasta or chicken. Cheer up little by little to introduce variations with your favorite ingredients.

  • Escarole, pomegranate and kilos salad with red fruit vinaigrette
  • Creamy Avocado Potato Salad
  • Endive salad, surimi, and Roquefort sauce
  • Rice salad with roast chicken, asparagus and corn with special seasoning
  • Spinach salad with dates
  • Goat cheese and pine nuts salad with honey and mustard
  • Light mango and blueberry salad
  • Spinach salad

Sandwiches, sandwiches, and toasts

Another classic that “can not cook” are sandwiches and sandwiches, even easier. But do not always fall into the typical chorizo ​​sandwich and run away from pate and other spreads of doubtful quality. We have much more tasty and original recipes to eat well without complicating you.

Take advantage when you can certain leftovers to prepare delicious snacks, like the typical roast chicken, and try to invest in good quality bread. Not everything has to go in two layers of bread, toasts, crostini and other preparations are a great resource, especially if there are guests at home. The tortillas of Mexican cuisine can also solve many lunches and dinners.

  • Tuna sandwich
  • Sandwich Club
  • Elvis’s favorite sandwich
  • Crostini of pesto, burrata and balsamic tomatoes
  • Spanish hot dog
  • Cooked ham sandwich with quince jam, pear, and Gruyère cheese
  • Easy and quick avocado toast
  • Hawaii toast
  • Spicy tuna and avocado burritos
  • Tuna Tacos
  • Serranito, the classic southern sandwich

Fish and seafood

Fish is also another one of those products that cause some respect for the most beginners. However, they are fantastic food, a source of high-quality protein and very fast to cook. No, frozen battered fish wands do not count as fish.

For starters, we can bet on a simple grilled emperor steak, which can be substituted for an equivalent of tuna or even salmon. It is easy to find this fish already clean in the fish market or frozen, it has no bones and you just have to season it as you like, with spices or fresh herbs.

In the fish market, they will leave the fish clean and ready to cook

The blue and fish of firmer meat such as monkfish, turbot or cod are easier to handle on the iron, although we can opt for the oven or papillote as a great newbie-proof resource. Do not be afraid to ask the fish shop to leave your fish clean and ready to roast, whole or open, sliced ​​or fillets.

Just keep in mind that fish need little cooking time, especially small or portion pieces. Avoid getting dry by watering it well with lemon juice, a little olive oil, and some wine, cider or broth.

  • Emperor or grilled swordfish
  • Baked snapper with potatoes
  • Quick and easy baked seabass
  • Baked hake with a lemon garlic
  • Baked salmon
  • Baked Grouper with potatoes
  • Baked dorado with potatoes
  • Tuna with eggplant and tomatoes
  • Mussels with marinara sauce
  • Skillet with squid and asparagus onions

Easy meat recipes

The world of meat ideal for beginners is that of poultry, more specifically chicken and turkey, in pieces. When you take more ease you can encourage yourself to roast your own whole chicken in the oven, but while taking your first steps it may be preferable to start cooking breasts and thighs.

Avoid getting dry using a good marinade, preparing a light brine or cooking it in a quick sauce; You will see that it is not necessary to invest a lot of time to achieve delicious dishes. As an occasional alternative, pork tenderloin is also very simple to cook; Cook it grilled, cut into steaks

  • Baked chicken with potatoes and sausage for one person
  • How to cook a frozen chicken breast without defrosting it
  • Chicken au gratin al provolone
  • Sauteed chicken with pineapple and peanuts
  • Microwave Curry Turkey
  • Chicken curry in 10 minutes
  • Cumin Marinated Chicken
  • Chicken breasts glazed with honey and lemon
  • Juicy Baked Chicken Breasts
  • Pork tenderloin with beans
  • Caramelized pork skewers with pineapple

Salty cakes, pizzas, and doughs very easy

Preparing a good homemade pizza dough, unless it is decent, does not have to be complicated, without getting into mass dough messes or slow fermentation. You can encourage yourself to try as a weekend project, but there are other faster options that, say, “mimic” the Italian classic. They will always be better than ultra-processed ones or to resort to fast food chains.

We also put in this group other similar recipes of flat doughs, much faster to prepare, even in the ovenless version. For an emergency or occasional consumption, we can resort to purchased doughs that are of quality, resort to puff pastry or use a broken salt dough.

  • Pizzadilla, the best fake pizza in 10 minutes
  • Pizza without oven
  • Chapati with chickpea flour
  • Meat pie
  • Frying pan pizza cake
  • Light Tuna Quiche
  • Pepper and mozzarella cake
  • Pizza socca with chickpea flour
  • Flatbread or flat crusty potato, Gruyère and sour cream bread

Sweets and desserts

Many of us have started cooking with incursions into the sweet world. Although we are not very sweet, it is most comforting to take your first cake out of the oven or to entertain visitors with homemade cookies at coffee time. There is always room for a sweet snack, without abuse, and it is better to be homemade to have to resort to supermarket products.

In baking, it is much more important to respect ingredients, quantities, and temperatures, especially if we have not developed the pastry instinct. You should familiarize yourself with the home oven since not everyone warms the same, but we can always start with desserts that do not need baking or use the microwave.

  • Classic yogurt cake for beginners
  • Carrot sponge cake for dummies
  • Chocolate croissants
  • Lemon cookies in 20 minutes
  • Nutellotti or Nutella cookies
  • Glasses of banana and dulce de leche without oven
  • Brownie with three ingredients
  • Apple, almond and cinnamon cake
  • Lemon frosted mug cake
  • Chocolate, ginger and pear mug cake
  • The easiest apple pie in the world
  • Simple mango and raspberry strudel
  • Lemon biscuit cake

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